This isn’t technically a new song. It’s a remix of a song I wrote earlier, but now I’m using professional calibre tools and sometimes a tool does make a difference. Also, I know what I’m doing and how to do it.

I remixed Sci Fi Pornography into Sci Fi Pornography (Remix). Gone are earlier problems: a weak bass sound that was washed out in the bottom, an anemic middle, clipping issues, and badly mixed shakers. Now it’s a punchy little tune with thuddy trance drums, a fuller sound, tamed shakers and some newer, weirder science fiction sound effects. It came out, if I must say so, awesome.

For reference, the original Sci Fi Pornography is here.

I have a sneaking suspicion that GarageBand downsamples somewhere in the engine. As a free tool it is not bad and it makes a great little sketch pad. But much like attempting to write a full novel in notepad (or, god save me, vi) it’s not something I recommend.

Song here: Sci Fi Pornography (Remix)

Name: “Sci Fi Pornography (Remix)”
Genre: Electronic Dance
Key: C
BPM: 95bpm
Running Time: 3:01
Tools Used: Apple Logic 7.2 and a hat-full of loops

(This is the halfway point of my 20 song project! WOO!)