I cannot knit.

This is not some sort of surprise revelation of the Gods or anything.  I have rheumatoid arthritis, and it mostly lives in my left hand.  I can do certain things with my left hand from muscle memory but most everything has to be taught or I need an extensive hack.  It means I can never get very good at fretting a guitar, but I have learned how to do hats with my left hand on Rock Band despite not being able to feel the hits.  Knitting means holding something small and thin in my left hand for hours at a time, and that is right off the table.  Even big fat needles are no good because my left hand needs to do something other than move up and down.

I had taken crochet off the table, too, because of the super skinny needles.  Sure it only needs one hand while the other hand works like a big wooden bobbin — perfect! — but I can’t really hold the skinny needle in my right hand for more than 2-3 hours, max. Then, for Christmas, Eric found this crochet needle set from Provo Craft for little old ladies with hands curled him like THE CLAW.  These work for me.

I generally suck at crafting.  I’m not terrifically good at it. But right now I am surrounded by little swatches of really ugly, lumpy, plausibly crocheted squares and a tiny plausibly crocheted hat because hey, I can do this with my right hand.  I am still working out how to get my left hand to work as a bobbin effectively but I’m vaguely happy because I need to do something that lets me just sit and veg and I despise just sitting and watching TV.

I have 35 year old practice yarn.  It is all the colors of the 70s.  It’s pretty awful.  But.  Practice yarn!  And perhaps I will get good enough to produce something.

I am considering taking a picture of all my little lumpy creations to share.

Also, Rock Band?  Eric bought me a new kick, and now I’ve gone from 100-150 in a row to 700-750.  Problem solved!  My kick pedal was clearly not registering.  Time to move to a harder level.