My mom took me to the Yarn Garden in Annapolis, MD. This is a tiny little store stuffed on a second floor of a small complex in the corner of a giant strip Mall by the Annapolis Mall (the one with the Michael’s and Cheeseburger Cheeseburger and a ton of other places.) This store was:

A. Tiny.
B. Crowded.
C. Stuffed from floor to ceiling with hand-dyed, local and imported yarn to the point where it is impossible to walk, and it ran the gamut from standard $4/skein yarn to $35/skein imported 100% silk.

It is one of those stores where you go in with a plan. You cannot sort of browse because the aisles are tiny, the shop is full of old ladies who all want to talk to you about knitting, and other people trying to buy things. It is a shop where you trip over other people simply trying to shop. It is also the last True Bastion of the US Economy — they were doing so much business it took forever to get out of there.

My mom was buying, so I brought home for skeins of yarn for two different targeted projects — a second version of my ruffle scarf and a scarf for Eric. I brought home this Noro yarn from Japan and Rowan Purelife yarn from Britain. Also, I now have a yarn winder.

Personally, I believe it is when you have actual hardware is when you are committed to the hobby.

Yarn Garden is highly recommended, although have a plan. If I get visitors, I promise a pilgrimage.

On another note, the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival is the first weekend of May. I am highly considering going this year.