I got a ton of completed projects out of my queue. Don’t think that I have stopped crocheting! I just started several projects at once and they all sort of finished at once.

I made fade this nice black shell stitch hat with a carnation that I sent through the mail so I couldn’t put up until it was received. I made the flower much tighter than the first one I did and it came out well. The picture doesn’t really do it justice.

Katie demanded a bag that had to be pink with pink flowers! She would not let me stripe it with any other colors so the bag is very very pink. I was able to put in a little purple on the flower. For the picture I pressed it into its proper service, carrying around stuffies. Spongebob was pressed into service for this picture.

I made an amazingly purple bobble-headed hat and scarf. It is amazingly bobble headed and purple. And a scarf! You can see the stitches from the side view are actually pretty even.

Everyone wants scarves… just as it gets warm out. But I have yarn for scarves, so scarves shall be made!