Now I understand why people with what I am going to graciously call “hereditary or otherwise non-avoidable sugar issues” (heh) turn into insane gym rats. I do not feel well unless I go and do some pretty vigorous exercise for at least 30 minutes. Otherwise I feel sluggish and sick and edgy. But with exercise, huzzah!

I finally made a compromise with myself to give up the weights and focus on just getting my heart rate into a nice warm spot for 30 minutes, so my poison is currently the stand bike. It lets me a) read and b) pedal which is all I really want. So far the arthritis isn’t firing too bad which is my main concern. I don’t seem to be losing any weight either, but I have given up on that front. If I lose weight, yay. If I don’t, yay. All I care about is feeling okay and getting books read, so this seems to get me there.