I have two main New Year’s Resolutions:

1. To spend 30 minutes daily at the new piano and persevere through the frustrating parts of learning. I never expect to be good, but I want to be acceptable in polite (or not so polite) company.

2. To blog daily. I fell out of the habit. I want to return to the habit. I’m not limiting myself to a subject; I simply need to write every day on a schedule to get back in the habit of writing down something in English.

I am about forming new habits this year.

I have lesser resolutions — catch up and keep up on Latin, read far more than I did last year assisted by the new Kindle, more time at the gym, more time with Katie Rose. Less time online. More knitting. Clean out and finish the basement so the playing/toys/crafting have a new space to expand into. Those kinds of things.

So that’s that. Happy New Year! And how the hell did it get to be 2010? Where is my flying car?

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