I don’t have much to say about Coakley vs. Brown. She was a pathetically terrible candidate who refused to campaign and spelled “Massachusetts” wrong in a campaign ad and referred to Curt Shilling as a “Yankees fan.” He was a good looking white man with a pickup truck. The Congressional Democrats have shown an incredible lack of balls dealing with the banks and therein lies the Great Problem. People are pissed off. They are sick of multi-gazillion dollar bonuses in a time of 20% actual unemployment. Why haven’t the banks been ripped to shreds? Why do they keep getting cash? Why does AIG keep getting pumped full of money? Screw you, boring lady who will not shake hands and will give no answers.

Not much to see here. Just move on.

What concerns me is that despite still having the largest Congressional majority since 1923 the Democrats may be completely unable to govern. They have an 18 vote majority plus or minus a Lieberman. I’m not thinking about the Health Care Reform bill which may now be dead. I’m thinking of the actual Great Recession that is going on for everyone but people in high tech or medicine and stuff that really ought to be done. I’m thinking about any kind of banking reform at all, no matter how tepid and pathetic. I share the frustration with the Massachusetts voters. Coakley was an entitled weenie who didn’t seem to care and Brown pretended to be “fresh” and “new.” People want anyone, anyone at all, with some sort of answer. They want a MAN who is a FIGHTER who will STAND UP for REAL AMERICANS against the other REAL AMERICANS who are SCREWING THEM. Thus and so on and so forth.

What happens now? Despite the Democrats having this ridiculous overwhelming advantage in both Houses of Congress, the GOP will filibuster everything to kill everything off. Military spending bills, the budget, judges, Congressional appointments, you name it. They will bring the Federal Government to a screaming halt. They will do it with great glee. I say, make them do it on C-SPAN. I want to watch old white men reading out of the phone book at 3am. It will give me something to do when I cannot sleep. It’s a great piece of theater.

But the Democrats, who seem married to this vague notion of bipartisanship when the other side refuses to play any game, won’t even call them on the carpet on that and make them go through with their Parlimentary procedure. No, the Democrats will just fold up their tent and go into their corners and cry whenever the GOP whispers “filibuster.”

Someone fetch the tissues.

Maybe this will be the wakeup call to the Democrats to grow a spine but then maybe catalytic converters, fully filtered, will start growing on trees.

President Obama, meet me at camera three.

What the hell are you doing? You are an urban black dude. These are old white Southern guys. They aren’t going to give you an inch. You can win 2012 without the South so screw them. You have a ridiculous advantage. ¬†Why are you playing nice? No one is afraid of you, man. There’s no fear except this weird vague fear from the Far Right of “the mysterious scary Other who is going to do mysterious scary things to us because we are crazy tinfoilhatters.” Until there is political fear, you are toast, man. With jam.

Do something. Because otherwise, you are not just toast. You’re burnt toast.