If you have not heard, we are no longer going to go to the Moon. Ever. The Obama Administration has decided to cede space sciences to the BRIC countries and embraced a fantasy of outsourcing space flight to private corporations.

I know NASA is a Byzantine mess. I know NASA is extremely expensive and years of research goes on without anything to show for it. I know the country is in a fiscal hole. But I also know all that money goes to keeping a very specific dream alive. It’s a carrot. All those kids who dream today of being astronauts will never be astronauts. Screw those kids who want to go into planetary science or space science or astronautical engineering or material sciences or even computer science. No kid today going into the Air Force will ever fly a launch vehicle.

China is talking about a man on the moon in 2020. India too. Americans? So much for the great US of A. So much for the campaign promises of supporting science. That whole line about not being second best in the State of the Union was noise.

The crazy thing is that I find myself pulling for the Republicans on this one. Space stuff is like my version of DADT. No space? Fine. No donations to the DNC this year, either.

I don’t know. I don’t know the politics of Constellation. I just know that, in my daughter’s lifetime, she will see someone else’s flag fly on the Moon.

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