My only hope is that the third movie in a series is never very good, so maybe Snowmageddon 3: the REVENGE will be nothing. ┬áBut the predictions have gone from “a dusting” to “2-4 inches” to “4-8 inches” to “10-20 inches” to basic flat-out panic this morning on WAMU. FOX Baltimore is running around the clock weather coverage for all us shut-ins. My worry is about the roads — even though we got one good day of sun yesterday — hadn’t completely melted and now they will refreeze into compacted ice with a layer of ice, sleet, and snow.

Katie’s school was open with discretion to parents. Since it is in the neighborhood — no major or minor roads, just subdivision roads — she went so she could get some running around time because the beans were piling up. But Eric will get her early before it gets really bad.

I will take more pictures and post them. But it looks like the UP outside.