After the Worst Day Ever ™ yesterday, I settled in with a glass of Maker’s Mark — I was informed it is bourbon and not whiskey — to watch some Olympics stream online. I would watch it all on the TV except the TV was hosting Burn Notice, and one does not interfere with Burn Notice. Two points of great import:

A. Olympic hockey is the best hockey in the world and one of the few cases where the Olympic sport is better than the regular professional sport. It beats (just barely) the end of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Take the very best players from the very best hockey countries in the world and pit them against each other when they are rested and ready to go. This week’s games are hot and exciting. If you haven’t been watching Olympic hockey, watch the games this week in the run up to Sunday’s Gold Medal game.  Seriously.*

B. I watched several hours of Ice Dancing last night. This is the stupidest sport in existence and I watch curling obsessively — even when it isn’t the Olympics, so I know about stupid sports. The regular figure skating is cool because those people do things I cannot even imagine doing myself but a generic tango? They sort of skate in a circle and waggle their arms around for a minute and a half.

As advertised, the Russian free skate Aboriginal costumes truly were terrible even without the black face. That skate was better than the Generic Bland “Country Western Skate” that half the countries put up, and more interesting, but it was goofy and bizarre and… I have nothing. I did like the US team with their Bollywood skate. I know who already won but I haven’t watched the last round yet. I might/might not. If there’s hockey to watch, I’ll watch that instead.

Men’s Figure Skating was a throw down. Ice dancing was… so very blah. Bring on the Women’s Figure Skating so I can watch it with Katie.

* If, for some reason you don’t like hockey… there’s help for you at the International Hockey Conversion Center. We’ll get you help.