Apparently Bob Ehrlich has decided to run against Martin O’Malley for Maryland Governor in 2010. O’Malley defeated Ehrlich in 2006 because Ehrlich was such a marvelous governor for the State of Maryland and we loved him so much. I don’t know about anyone else, but I would rather vote for a bag of flaming dog poop over Bob Ehrlich, the man who blocked the ICC and watched over the massive, rampant overbuilding of the state and was all rah rah Slots Will Save Us and gave us the wonderful personage of Michael Steele. A hammer to the left big toe for eternity is better than Bob Ehrlich. I have no real complaints about Martin O’Malley who built the damn ICC and has been luring tons of security work to the 5 mile radius around my house. I’ll be giving cash to the Maryland Democrats this year.

There’s a viral video going around of Bush and Clinton in Haiti. Bush shakes the hand of someone and then wipes his hand on Clinton’s shirt. Someone people think Bush was grossed out by touching someone. Other people think he was trying to get Clinton to hurry up. My theory? He had an opportunity to feel up the Man and took his chance. Who wouldn’t want to fondle Clinton*?

Newsweek has a hilarious article today called everyone hates Duke. This year’s tourney has been crazy but Duke is still hanging in, gunning for #1. My theory: every great story needs a good, reoccurring villain and, frankly, it’s fun to hate Duke.

We are leaving for PAX East in a few hours and doing a two-day drive thing. I’ll have my Droid — a message via email will get to me faster than a phone call, I bet. We’ll be looking to hook up and take LOTS of pictures. Eric has demanded I wear my skulls hoodie. Skulls Skulls Skulls!

* It’s a joke! A joke!