Like everyone else, the Internet ruined April Fool’s Day for me somewhere around 2002. Cute jokes still pop up every years — I particularly like XKCD’s new and improved interface for the Internet and the rescripting of Dinosaur Comics. Good ol’ Slashdot has a running list of links to the better jokes out there today. (I’m not so hot on Google’s renaming itself Topeka but some of them are cute.)

Generally, though, for us news junkies who hover it up by the bucketful and then regurgitate it in thoughts on a little screen, Ignore the Internet Day is annoying as hell. It is doubly entertaining this year as people receive their iPads and it is impossible to figure out if the reviews posted today are real or jokes. Perhaps the entire iPad is a joke.

I want my news free of gotchas! Any more than it normally is! I shake my tiny fist at you, Ignore the Internet Day.