1. I have no idea if LJ has fixed their interface for cross-posting yet. It was broken as of last week.

2. Eric corrected me: you can still buy a regular hard-drive click-wheel iPod. They are available on the Apple site.

3. We did more experiments with the iPad and found, with a MiFi, it makes a more than acceptable travel Internetty netbook. Combined with the Apple bluetooth keyboard or the iGo stowaway, typing is pretty straight forward on the device. Eric dragged it around and the MiFi makes it a portable web machine.

4. I fiercely love This American Life and not just because Sarah Vowell is a frequent contributer. If you listen to only one podcast on earth, this is the one I recommend. This week’s episode, “The Inside Job,” has a great 40 minute piece on how hedge funds looted the economy with CDOs and CDSs. If you ever want to hear anything, listen to episode #355: Giant Pool of Money.

5. I am fiercely addicted to Pokemon: Heart of Gold. I have already put a staggering 40 hours into that game. As a flat-out fun and enjoyable DS game, I completely recommend it. And if you have friends (or children) playing it with you and trading pokemon with you, then the game is fantastic.

6. I am pissed there’s no Borges available for the Kindle. KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!

7. Wil Wheaton on Big Bang Theory tonight! You should all watch it. Really. You SHOULD.