Right off the failure of Treme (which I’m still mildly disappointed), Netflix delivered to me Mad Men. And I have to say, the show is glorious. Remember: I was addicted to the Sopranos, even when it became tawdry and lame. I have great fondness for terrible, awful, reprehensible characters. I love Don Draper and his tribe of moronic droogs. I love Joan, Queen of the Secretarial Pool more.  It’s like a horrible Clockwork Orange set in a 1960 advertising agency.  Yes, I am coming to it late — I know it is in the middle of its third season — but Netflix will catch me up. If I was home right now I would be marathoning Mad Men.

AMC has Mad Men and Breaking Bad. In October, it will have Walking Dead which I am looking forward to (and directed by Frank Darabont). I wonder — is AMC of all places the new hotness?