It turns my stomach to see US Senators saying we should not Mirandize a suspect or we should revoke the citizenship of a (not convicted, only suspected) US citizen because they do not like the nature of the crime. With absolutely astonishment I read the words of various GOP Senators and Congressmen (and one Joe Lieberman) suggesting we should waive Supreme Court-granted Miranda Rights (McCain), or put a US Citizen before a military commission (Rep Pete King (R-NY)) or strip the man of his citizenship entirely (Lieberman). Suddenly I find myself on the side of Glenn Beck and Antonin Scalia* of all people.

Just because a citizen is unpopular or commits unpopular acts does not mean you may strip the man of his citizenship and deprive him of his lawfully and constitutionally granted rights. We did not strip citizenship from John Wilkes Booth or Charles Guiteau or Leon Czolgosz or Lee Harvey Oswald (who was himself assassinated) or Timothy McVey or Sirhan Sirhan or the guy who shot up Fort Hood or anyone else who has done anything reprehensible. Unlike our Times Square bomber, these guys carried out their plans to fruition. Are these not all terror acts of one sort or another?

Are our elected representatives so craven and fearful of some ‘other’ across the ocean that they will not stand proudly and tall behind Due Process and the US Constitution? Do they truly wish to strip a citizen of their citizenship as standing accused and not yet convicted?

We are better than this.

Update: Joe Lieberman is writing some fancy pants bill to strip people of their citizenship based on what Joe Lieberman wants to see in citizens. What a coward.

I, now, am penning a bill to strip whiny US Senators of their citizenship for sucking. I want to move to Connecticut just to vote against him when he’s next up.

Scalia argued in the Hamid case that a policy of ‘denaturalization’ would force the US Constitution to support a suspended habeaus corpus which he would never support.