As an avowed “book smeller,” I feel deep guilt as I admit that I am addicted to e-Books. Now that I have access to my books on my kindle, on my iPad, and on my droid* synching across all the platforms, I am in this “always a book all the time” mentality. With a shock I realized I have read more books this year so far than the last three years combined.


I do like the smell of libraries and I love to browse around bookstores. I like the feeling of opening and browsing a book. But paperback books that lived in my bag that I carried around with me, for whatever reason, didn’t get read. They ended up in piles next to my bed and gathered dust. I would buy the books and intend to read the books and then shelve them.

Now I am hovering books at a high rate — I am nearly done with the second 1000+ page book of the year — and they are all e-Books. It is a bit disconcerting and I’m not certain if this is because the Kindle is extremely portable and fits conveniently in my bag, if the iPad is a decent reading device, the “always-on” nature of the books, the ubiquity of the Amazon Kindle app**, or all of the above.

But hey, I am reading again, and at speed. This can only be a good thing.

I do wish Pynchon’s books were available in eBooks, though. GRRR. I shake my fist! I would be reading them all, his entire catalog, right now.

* …although I find books completely unreadable off my droid.
** iBooks lasted about 30 seconds with me. I stick with the Kindle app exclusively.