A couple of quick notes on the 2010 Emmy Nominations:

1. Yay for Jim Parsons who plays Sheldon Cooper on Big Bang Theory!

2. Eric will be happy that his new true love, Adventure Time, was nominated for outstanding short-format animated program. Adventure Time scares and confuses me.

3. Is it just me or is the list of nominated shows heavy on the HBO/Showtime vs. AMC? I am not complaining — just the quality seems to be going away from the Networks. On the one side, we have True Blood and Dexter (the season with John Lithgow). On the other, we have Mad Men and Breaking Bad. Sure, a few other shows like Glee* and Friday Night Lights snuck in but looking over the noms, it is those four shows duking it out for all the Dramatic Awards. I haven’t seen Mad Men Season 3 yet — I am halfway through Season 2 — but I loves me some Mad Men so very much.

4. To amend my above statement, the networks seem to still be holding on strong to the quality sitcoms but have ceded the ground entirely on the half hour dramas.

5. I feel highly dubious about BEST HAIR awards.

* My Dad loves Glee.**

** My Dad is making a tactical strike on Katie and introducing her to Musicals. I’m not sure this is a good or bad thing, but she sure loves Musicals.