A quick note on diet —

After recording everything I eat for several days and trying to eat completely normal, I have learned that:

– I could go completely vegetarian and not miss anything in life. I hardly eat any meat — but plenty of fish* given the chance.
– I don’t eat much dairy.
– I eat about 1/2 the cheese I thought I was eating, and that’s not much.
– I scarf vegetables whenever I get the chance.
– Hummus is my personal bane. I love hummus and I can eat it with every meal given half a chance. I’d slather it on oatmeal if I could.
– I am struggling, really struggling, to eat over 1500 calories a day.
– Why I don’t weight 10lbs is an utter mystery.

I have a back appointment this week so I am going to ask them if they can recommend a dietitian to me. I bet the problem is not that I’m overeating but that I’m not eating enough, and we may need to start injecting smoothies into my diet.

That likely explains my rate of getting food poisoning. Ah well.