I have been ignoring politics for the last several weeks to focus on learning Objective-C and knit and read giant security tomes and generally doing other things.  Tonight I made the mistake of reading the blogs.  So let me get this right:

1. Republicans hate ObamaCare because of the universal mandate to buy health insurance.  Fair enough.

2. Republicans have just offered a budget that….

a. Cancels all of Medicare except for those already enrolled in it.

b. Replaces Medicare with a universal mandate to buy health insurance except…

c. It is only for seniors and…

d. It is subsidized by a voucher system paid out of everyone’s 15.3% FICA tax.

Oooookay.  No one listens to themselves speak, I guess. Also…

1. Obama puts down universal mandate.  This is called socialist, communist, Islamofascist (??), atheist, and evil.

2. Republicans put down universal mandate.  It is called courageous, brilliant, and daring.

At this point, I am going back to knitting and learning Objective-C.  Someone can tell me when it’s safe to come out of my hole again because this is more crazy than I can handle.