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Emotional Aspect-Based Metamorphosis uses the REVISED METAMORPHOSIS rules in the Nephilim expansion, “Chronicles of the Awakening.”

Nephilim are creatures of pure magic. They aren’t human. They’re ruled by their passions as the Ka expresses itself. One of the routes to Agartha is by understanding and accepting these emotions as part of their core being. If Nephilim can understand their Metamorphosis, they can take a step on the Golden Path toward Enlightenment.

A Nephilim consists of five elements of Ka make up a Nephilim, so a Metamorphosis has five core emotions. While the five elements may always be the same, the five emotions may not: a Fire Ka-based Djinn is a creature of pure FIREY DESTRUCTION while a similar Fire Ka-based Phoenix is a creature of CREATIVE FIRES. Both Fire Ka, different applications, and different Metamorphoses.

Whenever a Nephilim revels in their emotions of their Metamorphosis, they physically manifest a sign of their True Selves.  The more of their emotions they are trying to understand, the more they engage their passions and more of they reveal their true selves to all around them.  Those emotions can easily be carried away, for good or for ill.  And if a Nephilim engages enough of their Metamorphosis, even the least magical of humans around them are going to notice.

The emotional aspects of a Metamorphosis is raw and pure.  Nothing complicates them.  They get to the core of true Nephilim passion.

The Rules governing Nephilim are surprisingly simple:

  • Every Nephilim has a Metamorphosis. This is their High Aspect.
  • All Nephilim have their first Metamorphosis for free as part of their High Aspect.
  • Nephilim may add more Metamorphosis Aspects to their sheets during their Incarnations, ie, their past lives.
  • A Nephilim may have up to five Metamorphosis aspects.  Invoked the Aspect for a bonus or be compelled by the GM for a Fate Point at any time during play.  Whenever a player invokes a Metamorphosis or the GM compels, the Nephilim transforms into its true state for a short time.
  • A Nephilim must have all five Metamorphosis aspects to start on the Road to Agartha.
  • A Metamorphosis Aspect is a single word of an emotional state.

The Core Nephilim Metamorphosis:

These Metamorphosis builds are from Chronicle of the Awakening.  A player can feel free to substitute for emotional aspects more suitable to their character as long as is in keeping with the flavor and tone of the Metamorphosis.  A new Metamorphosis has an emotion and some physical change.  Any Nephilim PC will have between one and all of these Metamorphosis but it is not required to have them all to make a complete character.

The Djinn is

  • Destructive, and when he destroys his body turns into a weapon of war and his hands become hooks and claws;
  • Energetic, and when he is full of energy he becomes hot to the touch;
  • Proud, and he stands several feet taller than anyone else;
  • Rebellious, and his face becomes angular, menacing and hard;
  • Reckless, and his hair turns into pure flame.
The Phoenix is:
  • Creative, and those around her gain sudden new insights while she glows;
  • Honorable, where she becomes lighter than air and floats above the fray;
  • Loyal, where she begins to fade into the background and become like everyone else;
  • Reckless, where her skin, lips, joints, and ears become red and her entire eye becomes as dark blood and her hair turns crimson;
  • Stubborn, where her features become hard as stone.
The Sylph is:
  • Calm, and his skin becomes transparent and his hair as white as the air;
  • Pragmatic, and he becomes cold to the world and his skin likewise;
  • Proud, as his voice becomes as the thunder and the storm;
  • Rebellious, where even the winds will no longer obey and whip in a storm around him;
  • Trusting, where the weights of the world no longer hold him to the ground.
The Angel is:
  • Calm, and his skin becomes as white as ivory and his hair as gold;
  • Creative, and when he has creative thoughts his eyes sparkle and his skin glows;
  • Curious, and he will infect everyone around him with boundless curiosity with his golden tongue;
  • Honorable, where the lack of lies allows him to grow wings and fly;
  • Spiritual, and his joining with the universe allows him to speak in music and he leaves the smell of honey on the air.
The Triton is:
  • Deceitful, where his pupils narrow to a slit and he smells of old rot;
  • Destructive, and his teeth turn into daggers and his nails into sharp claws;
  • Pragmatic, and as cold as the waves and as frigid as the icy ocean of the North;
  • Private, when it hides in its scaly shell and it oozes like the algae of the deep;
  • Unpredictable, as it deforms and grows strange lumps and growths like the deformations of the sea.
The Undine is:
  • Curious when her eyes light up with blue sparks when something catches her interest;
  • Indulgent in her senses of taste, smell and hearing and she it tortured by the smells of the modern-day;
  • Pragmatic in her dealings and she hides under the waves where she breathes with gills;
  • Prudent which allows her become so indistinct she fades into the background;
  • Social and she surfs the relationships of humanity until her skin becomes as silk and her fingers grow membranes.
The Satyr is:
  • Angry when his face becomes fearsome, horns grow on his head, and his eyes glow with Satanic light;
  • Destructive as his hands turn to claws and his feet into hooves;
  • Indulgent where he can eat and drink many times more than any human being at a single sitting;
  • Unpredictable where he runs like a wild beast, grows hair all over his body, and smells of wood musk.
  • Vengeful as he has a horrible aura of terror and menace.
The Elf is:
  • Altruistic and everyone around him becomes calm and trusting;
  • Joyous and he is physically warm like a Spring day;
  • Private as it hides from the world in its hard bark shell;
  • Proud and it stands as tall as the trees and its ears become long and thin;
  • Stubborn enough its features harden like wood and no emotion flashes on its face.
The Snake is:
  • Cruel and its teeth become pointed and it spits poison;
  • Deceitful as its eyes shows its evil as they become the large eyes of the snake;
  • Indulgent  where the senses overwhelm and it can remember tastes and sensations so well it occasionally recalls them from previous lives;
  • Private when its skin turns to dry, soft scale;
  • Unpredictable as it becomes double jointed and is still until it lashes out.

For example…

In the midst of a bar fight on the very bad side of town with the Templars’ paid-for Mafia Thugs, Nemamiah the Djinn Nephilim gives in to Destruction’s passion.  He pays a FATE point to invoke the Aspect of Destruction.  His skin turns to a leathery covering and his hands turn into hooks.  He uses the aspect to bump the shift of his combat roll up by one — from Good to Great, with predictable results.

Elijah the Serpent Nephilim negotiates a delicate business deal.  The GM compels the aspect of Deceit and Elijah gives in to his true nature to try to cheat the opposing party.  His eyes turn into serpent eyes as the he twists the deal to the advantage of no one but himself, causing himself trouble later on.   The GM gives Elijah a FATE point to use later.