Note: I am slowly converting Nephilim, an old Chaosium game, over to Dresden Files FATE. I am just flopping all the posts on my blog because I can tag and collect them all later. This stuff is in no particular order. You can buy Nephilim in PDF from DriveThruRPG for ~$17. You should also buy Dresden Files RPG.

Every Arcanum has a guiding Philosophy, a Core Aspect, a set of Enemies and Allies, Nephilim and Human, and a Stunt offered to members of the Arcana for membership hath its privileges.

The FoolPhilosophy: The Arcanum of the Messiah. “Even now He is knocking at the Gate; when we open it the Way will open.”*

Core Aspect: He is Coming.

Overview: The Fool is the Arcana of a Nephilim Incarnated into a human foetus and be born to lead all, humanity and Nephilim, into a New Age.  All Nephilim must prepare themselves for the Coming of the Fool.  Almost all Nephilim accept Jesus was an Incarnation of the Fool as the Water Messiah, but Nephilim argue over other historical Names as other possible Fools.  They hope for a new Fool and pray it is not the Incarnation of the Orichalkha Fool — because that?  The End Times.

The few members of this Arcanum live to Prepare the Way for the Next Messiah.

Allies: Moon, Star and Sun.  Weakly Magician. The Prieure de Sion.

Enemies: Emperor, High Priestess, Justice, Hierophant.  Templars, the Assassins.

Fool’s Initiate Stunt: (-1) The Fool detects any Incarnation of a Nephilim into a new Simulacrum for 100 miles around him instantly.

The MagicianPhilosophy: “You Cannot Ascend Without Leading Others”

Core Aspect: The Modern Prometheans.

Overview: The Arcanum of Prometheus trains humans in the mysteries of Magic.  The Path to Agartha is through harnessing the Elemental Fields and Solar-Ka as one. Both Nephilim and humans, researching together, can find absolute Truth.

Allies: Sun, Chariot.  Rosicrucians.

Enemies: Tower, Justice.  Templars, Black Star.

Magician’s Initiate Stunt: (-1) Correspondences.  By understanding Correspondences between objects and magic, the Magician receives an automatic +1 shift to overcome Complexity for all spells.

The High PriestessPhilosophy: “You Must Find the Key to be Shown the Gate”

Core Aspect: The Librarians.

Overview: The High Priestess believes the way to Agartha is purposefully hidden and one must amass enough (read: all of) magickal knowledge to unlock the Path.  Those looking for Enlightenment must accumulate enough knowledge to know the right questions to ask the Guardians to be allowed to pass.

Allies: Wheel of Fortune, Chariot, Empress, Emperor, Sun.  Prieure de Sion.

Enemies: Magician, Devil. Black Star, Order of the Golden Fleece, Templars.

High Priestess’s Initiate Stunt: (-1) Shemmut.  The High Priestess can astrally project and enter the Uat, or astral plane.  The Nephilim can then fly to any location without their body for the duration of 1 Scene.  Note: Shemmut may be taught to Wheel, Sun, Moon, and some worthy humans.

The EmpressPhilosophy: “Tools are Built to be Used; and a Craftsman Who Uses Them Well Enough Can Build Any Key She Wishes.”

Core Aspect: We Mold Humanity to Our Whims.

Overview:  The Empress believes in manipulating humanity into preparing the way for the Empress to ascend the Golden Path.  After all, Nephilim ride around in fleshy meatbag suits, why not encourage them and manipulate them into open the way to Agartha?  She wants humanity to evolve so she can evolve along with it and then one day rule.

Allies: Emperor. Prieure de Sion, Ordre de Neuf Soeurs, Carbonari.

Enemies: The Fool, the Hanged Man.  Templars, Sisterhood of Isis.

Empress’s Initiate Stunt: (-1) Sihu.  The Empress gets a free shift to all Empathy rolls when dealing with humanity, for she loves them best of all.  Sihu does not apply to Summonings.


*The Fool is a special Arcanum and will have his own full article later.