Note: I am slowly converting Nephilim, an old Chaosium game, over to Dresden Files FATE. I am just flopping all the posts on my blog because I can tag and collect them all later. This stuff is in no particular order. You can buy Nephilim in PDF from DriveThruRPG for ~$17. You should also buy Dresden Files RPG.

Every Arcanum has a guiding Philosophy, a Core Aspect, a set of Enemies and Allies, Nephilim and Human, and a Stunt offered to members of the Arcana for membership hath its privileges.

Philosophy:“The Gate of the World can only open to the Command of the King of the World.”

Core Aspect:Command through Iron Fist

Overview:The Emperor is the Rightful King of the World, the Supreme Temporal Ruler.  By bringing the world together beneath one Throne, the threats to Nephilim can be defeated, the Arcana will take their rightful place, and they will all march in neat orderly lines to Agartha.  Until humanity returns to its role as a vassal, the Nephilim cannot govern himself.  Suborn or die.

Allies: The Empress, Chariot, Tower, High Priestess.  The Rosicrucians.

Enemies: The Hierophant, Death, the Devil, the Fool, the Lovers, the Hanged Man, the Moon, Judgment.  Templars, Illuminati, Thule, Teutonic Knights, Sisterhood of Isis, Carbonari, Prieure de Sion, Holy Vehm, Assassins, Rhodes, Black Star.

The Emperor’s Initiate Stunt: (-1) Thes.  Those of the Emperor receive an automatic +1 shift in all Presence rolls in contests against humans.  Does not work against summonings.

Philosophy: “Only the Divine can become the Divine.”

Core Aspect:Religiosity

Overview: Humanity can receive the revealed Truth the only way it can understand: religion.  When humanity once again believes the Nephilim to be Gods, perception and reality will shift and Nephilim will ascend en masse to Agartha.

Allies: High Priestess, the Sun, the Fool.  Prieure de Sion.

Enemies: The Emperor. Rhodes, Sisterhood of Isis, Teutonic Knights, Holy Vehm.

The Hierophant’s Initiate Stunt: (-1) Can generate an additional situational Aspect where the Nephilim is worshipped by humans as a God.  Aspect lasts only that Scene.

Philosophy: “Pleasure of the Flesh leads to Paradise of the Spirit”

Core Aspect:  The Hedonist

Overview: Only by throwing oneself fully into the flesh can one truly explore the physical range of sensations.  To understand carnality, physical pleasure of the past must be kept in the presence.  The Golden Path was designed around physical pleasure.  It is the Gateway to Enlightenment.

Allies: Temperance, Hanged Man, Hierophant, Moon, Judgment, the Fool.

Enemies: The Emperor, Justice. Sisterhood of Isis, Teutonics, Assassins.

The Lover’s Initiate Stunt: (-1) A’aua.  The Lovers receive a free +1 shift in any skill involved in tactile feeling, the flesh and dealing with humans in a purely physical way.  This does not include combat.

Philosophy:“Need a Key?  Build One.”

Core Aspect:The Engineers

Overview: The Arcanum of Material Triumph.  As they are imprisoned in the material, they must use the material to their advantage to make their escape to Agartha.  All material is of potential usefulness to pass through the Gate: human bodies, cybernetics, iPhones, the glorious trappings of technology.

Allies: The Ordre des Neuf Soeurs, the Illuminati, the Prieure de Sion.

Enemies: The Empress, the Emperor, the Wheel, the Hierophant, the Sun, the Hermit, the Moon, the Devil and Death.  The Templars, the Thule.

The Chariot’s Initiate Stunt: (-1)  Mechanical Empathy.  The Chariot receives a free +1 shift in dealing with any machines, known or unknown.