Note: I am slowly converting Nephilim, an old Chaosium game, over to Dresden Files FATE. I am just flopping all the posts on my blog because I can tag and collect them all later. This stuff is in no particular order. You can buy Nephilim in PDF from DriveThruRPG for ~$17. You should also buy Dresden Files RPG.

Every Arcanum has a guiding Philosophy, a Core Aspect, a set of Enemies and Allies, Nephilim and Human, and a Stunt offered to members of the Arcana for membership hath its privileges.

Philosophy:“It is the red mist before your own eyes that obscures the Gates from your vision.”

Core Aspect: Discipline Over Everything

Overview: Khaiba must be destroyed.  It is a perversion.  Once the Nephilim tame their powers, the urge to lose themselves in bestiality will cease and the Path will become clear.  Once all Nephilim learn the proper discipline, the Gate will open and all will Ascend to Agartha.

Allies: Temperance, Justice, the Wheel of Fortune.  The Holy Vehm.

Enemies: The Devil, the Moon, Death.  Cultes de Goules, Thule.

Strength’s Initiate Stunt (-1): A Strength Nephilim has 1 more Khaiba track boxes than normal Nephilim with the same number of Metamorphosis.  For example,  if a Nephilim has 2 stress boxes, a full Strength has 3.  If a Nephilim has 6 stress boxes, a Strength Initiate has 7.

Philosophy: “The Gate is Narrow, Admitting One.”

Core Aspect: Solitude

Overview: The Hermit is the Arcana of isolation.  The Simulacrum is a prison and a penance, as is the larger material world.  The only way to see the path to truth is to ascend the mountain of isolation.  Once one is in perfect silence, one can study the Five Fields and find the Way to Agartha.

Allies: No Nephilim Allies.  Mithradites. and Sarmoung Brotherhood.

Enemies: The Emperor.  Templars, Black Star.

The Hermit’s Initiate Stunt (-1): Uhi.  Deprivation  A Nephilim can ignore its Simulacrum’s base needs for the duration of a scene, allowing a +1 shift in Discipline for the duration. However, the Simulacrum still has those needs and ignoring them for too long with Uhi can cause harm (physical stress track) to the body.

Philosophy: “We stand inside the Lock; if we can emerge, the Gate stands before us.”*

Core Aspect: The Conspirator’s Conspirator

Overview: The cosmos is a great Pattern, a Web in which all things connect in a magical labyrinth.  Everything is a sign of something greater, and all these things must be watched, and tracked, and recorded, and discussed.  When the signs are right, we must take action.  When signs are wrong, we must take action!  When seen from above, when the Pattern is mapped, when all connections are understood, the Gate will open and the Nephilim can return home.

Allies: Temperance, the Star, the High Priestess, the Sun, Strength, Justice.  Kabalistic Order of the Rosicross, Sarmoung Brotherhood.

Enemies: The Hanged Man, Death, the Devil. Order of the Golden Fleece, Templars.

The Wheel of Fortune’s Initiate Stunt (-1): Divination.  Allows a free shift when replacing Mystic Perception (Lore) with Alertness when attempting to divine a truth out of a random pattern.  May be used to tag an Aspect on a Scene or location on a successful roll.

Philosophy: “The way to the Gate is the straight and level way.”

Core Aspect: The Cosmic Lawyer

Overview: Justice is the Arcanum of Balance.  The Path can only be seen when all is in balance.  Those who disrupt the balance obscure the Path.  They must be removed and the Balance restored.  For every action, there must be an opposite and equal reaction.

Allies: The High Priestess, the Hierophant, Strength, the Wheel of Fortune, Temperance.  Holy Vehm.

Enemies: The Moon, the Hanged Man, the Devil, Death, the Fool, the Magician.  Templars, the Black Star, the Rosicrucians.

Justice’s Initiate Stunt (-1): The Nephilim receives a free shift on any skill involved in the law or attaining Balance in the universe.

* Or, “This MEANS something!”