Note: I am slowly converting Nephilim, an old Chaosium game, over to Dresden Files FATE. I am just flopping all the posts on my blog because I can tag and collect them all later. This stuff is in no particular order. You can buy Nephilim in PDF from DriveThruRPG for ~$17. You should also buy Dresden Files RPG.

Every Arcanum has a guiding Philosophy, a Core Aspect, a set of Enemies and Allies, Nephilim and Human, and a Stunt offered to members of the Arcana for membership hath its privileges.

Philosophy: “When the Gate finishes falling, all can go through it if they wish.”

Core Aspect:  The End is Nigh

Overview: The world of the KaIm ended with the fall of the Orichulka meteor.  That was the Beginning of the End.  Any day now, more meteorites will fall out of the sky.  The material world will choke the magic out of the universe.  The magical fields will deform and collapse.  If Agartha exists at all, we’ll reach it when our corpses twitch and we smell of decay.  Since the end is assured, why not fill the final days with a bit of fun?

Allies: The Star, the Hermit, the Wheel.

Enemies: The Emperor, Death.

Judgment’s Initiate Stunt (-1): Seru.  Prophecy.  Judgment sees glimpses of what is fated to come.  Judgment can use this Stunt to tag a single Aspect on to a Scene to reflect Judgment has seen something pessimistic and dire to come.  In play, the vision is considered involuntary.  

Philosophy: Those who reached Agartha.

Core Aspect:  The Agarthans.

Overview: No one knows.  Who knows what state a Nephilim transforms to when a Nephilim reaches Enlightenment?  Some claim those of the World walk among the unenlightened to help guide them to the Gate.  Others say they manifest as the Fool’s Messiahs.  Regardless, all agree Agarthan Nephilim have transcended the human flesh and now operate on a different layer of existence.

Allies: All Nephilim. No Humans.

Enemies: No Nephlim. All Humans.

The World has no Initiate Stunt.