After the lengthy buildup of system, the end chapters of the original Nephilim sourcebook doesn’t provide hints on what to do with the system.  It offers a hodge-podge of secret societies, a bunch of colorless Nephilim NPCs and an unconnected bestiary.  It’s a headscratcher.  A cool magic system and a neat incarnation system dripping with history and the book shows no way forward.  No wonder the game collapsed and the line was canceled; no one could play it because no one knew what to do with it.  The sourcebook glossed over little things like setting and examples.

I’m not a huge fan of the canned adventures at the end of sourcebooks but, somewhere along the way, and I’m not certain when or where, we figured out a game needs all the game bits to be a complete product.  It needs skill/combat resolution systems and character sheets and an example of what to do and where to go.  I don’t run canned adventures (although that may change soon) but I read them.  I like to know what the designers were thinking when they put the system together and use them as an example of how to apply the system. 

Now that I’m at the end of converting the core rules in the core Nephilim sourcebook + a big chunk of Chronicles of the Awakening + scraping some stuff out of Major Arcana, it’s time to do something cool.  So the next big chunk of posts will be everything I can think up, no matter how wacky or bizarre, of things to do with a pack of immortal, occult-obsessed, mystical beings who ride around in fleshy meatbags and chase some philosophical ideal they may never reach because they believe somewhere, out there, if they just are pretty enough, they will get delicious cake.  And such delicious cake it is!

Also, Templars.  

The ideas trotted out are just that — ideas.  And they may be exceptionally lame.  But I’ll try to show off what one can do with Nephilim if one thinks about it super duper hard.  If any of these are GOOD or USEFUL or should be EXPANDED, leave a comment and I’ll work them up past the original 500 words.

Meanwhile, I am slowly shoving webpages into my CMS.  It’s taking me forever, though, but I’m hoping that activity picks up soon.