This an example of a full Nephilim campaign.

Out on the edge of town a small band of strange people run an eclectic bookstore.  They show up to all the estate sales and pick over the booksellers searching for choice and rare books, the more occult-like the better.  One or two of them are auction hounds known for sniping sales.  And they are a bit creepy.

They’re Nephilim.  And they’re Bookhounds.  They have been Bookhounds for thousands of years.  Now they’re awake and they crave knowledge.

1930s London is soaked in the Occult

It is the time of the Emperor Arcanum.  Great powers grind together across Europe to slow inexorable destruction.  A country falls to the forces of the occult.  The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn is on the wane and their secrets published for the world to see.  Aleister Crowley still lives — bloated, fat and drunk, but alive.  Would-be occultists lounge in coffee shops and exclusive clubs to swap politics and gossip.  Dark things stalk the alleyways of London and most of them inhabit human forms.

No one likes Occult books like Nephilim

Floating around among the detritus of the swiftly changing world of the 1930s is the hastily copied and poorly printed accumulated knowledge of the Occult Nephilim since the Dawn of Time, badly copied and handwritten and misprinted.  One man’s Kabbalah scratchings in the frontspiece of a book is another man’s Greater Summoning.  Occult tomes are like Pokemon to Nephilim — no matter how worthless one must catch them all.  The Nephilim collect books with purpose.  Those half-hearted confused rituals work for them, after all.   

And Sometimes the Books Come With Bonuses

That book full of Theosophy and Dream-Magick has, buried in it, the ritual summoning of a horror from beyond time and space, ripped from some plane unexplored by Nephilim-kind.  It’s a little unexpected but hey!  It’s a new Summoning!  We want to keep that one in case the Templars show up…

Everyone wants — and are dying for — occult books

In the meantime, something new and horrible grows.  The rise of the Thule Society in Germany in the 1930s is deep and fertile ground for Nephilim Adventures stationed in London.  The world’s first truly magickal human government is bent on world domination, and eliminating all Nephilim.  Not those who stand in their way — all Nephilim.

– The High Priestess Arcana will do anything to collect the now-scattered secret Occult knowledge before the now highly trained occult societies of humans do and they will kill to defend their libraries;

– The Emperor wishes to preserver his power from the rise of the Thule in Europe and expects those who dwell in his Domain to do his bidding and collect the Occult knowledge and shoot Nazis for him;

– The Tower scours the Auction halls and bookseller tables to pull forbidden knowledge from the hands of humans, knowledge leaked out by the rise of Occult Societies in Victorian London;

– The Magician wants to put magic into the hands of mankind to help them combat the rising tide of Occult Evil and sponsors more than a few post-Golden Dawn Occult Circles and is getting into all kinds of trouble;

– The Templars, via Secret Governmental Organizations, consider working — maybe, in an enemy of my enemy is my frenemy — with the Nephilim Arcanum JUST THIS ONCE to combat the rising horror of the Thule but they still will pull Occult books out of the grasping hands of Nephilim Bookhounds at estate sales;

– Meanwhile, the Thule Society may already have their hands on the Spear of Destiny and, worse, are establishing Occult bases from Berlin to Alexandria to Tibet and they are hunting Nephilim;

– The race is on for the Thule, the Nephilim, the Templars, and any opportunistic secret societies — ancient Nephilim-worshipping groups and Black Moon Selenim and horrible cults — to collect all the Occult tomes floating around on the streets of London and use the magic contained within to win the upcoming World War.  That 15th century grimoire is more than a book full of dark evils; it may be the key to winning the World.

Bookhounds of Nephilim is a heady stew of Occultists who can actually practice the occult, London, Nephilim Major Arcana jocking for position in the morning hours of WWII, Templars making backroom deals, Nazis, trips through the snows of Tibet, chases through the desert for ancient artifacts of power, guns, car chases, book auctions, and more Nazis.  And maybe the Ark of the Covenant.  Or Cthulhu.  It all starts with a couple of Nephilim, friends throughout their Incarnations through time, putting up shop in a bookstore.  Who would ever suspect eccentric book collectors in a book store in London?

Start with the Nazis and Occultism resource and work from there.  It’s a fertile ground for great stuff.  Also some high quality crazy.  Simply read through the Internet and assume every rumor about the Nazis and the Occult are true.  Now, stir.

You can get Bookhounds of London from Pelgrane Press. But I assume you already own a copy. Setting is “Extreme pulp.”  It’s not the right system but it’s full of the right flavor.

The 1930s Nephilim Bookhounds vs the Thule vs the Templars game is high on my list of games to run.