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Head’s Up for LJ

Hey all —

I am having serious issues the last few days with the cross-posting between WordPress and Livejournal. Livejournal’s interface for cross-posting is simply timing out on me. Posts make it to WP and twitter and Facebook but on Livejournal it’s just dying the death.

Today’s post is: here about electronic gadgetry for no good reason.

I am seriously hoping this is only a temporary issue.

Quick Test

I did the upgrade to WordPress 2.7.1 through Blue Host’s new tools.  It was really quite painless, but I am checking all my plugins and whatnot.

Nothing to see here but a horde of dancing monkeys.  Dance, monkeys, dance!

Coffee Maker Query

One of the medications I am on makes me continuously nauseous, so I had to give up drinking coffee because it is too acidic and move entirely over to black and green teas. While this is probably healthier for me, and I am a slave to your bog standard gunpowder green tea and my Adagio Masala Chai, it means that only Eric is drinking coffee in the morning. Making a big pot of coffee for one person is sort of wasteful and Eric would like coffee more on demand in push button format. I ask this question of yea olde list o’ friends:

* Does anyone have a pod-based coffee maker they recommend? Money is not really an object for the coffee maker. I am more interested in making a good cup of coffee over price.

* Is there a good service out there for coffee that is an analogue of Adagio? I would not be able to live without Adagio Teas and if there is a mail-order catalogue service for coffee, I would like to peruse it.

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