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Girl Genius

Hang head in shame.

I finished reading the back archives of Girl Genius. All 1131 strips. I consumed them like some sort of horribly junky needing another fix and hitting that NEXT button over and over. Even worse, I love the Jagermonsters because any plan where you lose your hat is a bad plan.

I feel like I have joined some sort of evil cult. But there it is now, in my feedreader with the rest of my weekly comic strips, 3 times a week.

Theme and Comments

I finally worked out my personal problems with my wordpress themes and found one I generally liked and was simple enough that I don’t need to maintain it. It also loads quickly and isn’t overburdened with graphics.

I am starting the Great Ponder about doing what all the cool kids are doing — locking down comments on LJ and routing traffic to the wordpress blog. Yes? No? Anyone have any good experiences with that? Bad? Leave comments in both? I certainly won’t stop crossposting.

Friday Question!

I need a Friday Question category. But! The Friday Question is:

I finally have gotten into reading web comics after many years of resisting. I read several but I’m always looking for more. What are your favorite webcomics? Give me your recommendations!

One requirement, though: the webcomic must have an RSS feed.