Nephilim is both the best and worst game you have never heard of. It used everyone’s favorite system BRP in a tortured and hideous way to bring to life a neat occult game about immortal beings endlessly dying and reincarnating and fighting over trivial matters in their quest for Enlightenment while meanwhile escaping death at the hands of the Nefarious Knights Templar. It was steeped in occultism while having a healthy paranoid Urban Fantasy setting. Sorcery vs. Guns, news at 11!

Nephilim is a game of great concepts and interesting setting with a great feel but a truly terrible system for Urban Fantasy.  This conversion aims to give Nephilim a new life by converting it to a newer, fresher system — FATE as found in Evil Hat’s Dresden Files RPG, a great game with a great Urban Fantasy system and setting.


Character Creation


Major Arcana

Cults and Secret Societies

What Do I Do With This?