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A Test of the Emergency Broadcasting System

Don’t get too excited. This post is only a test.

I’ve been on a 20-year quest for the perfect portable writing setup for blogging and general writing. I’ve been through a rogue’s gallery of ultra-light computers, laptops, desktops, text editors, text manipulators, blog editors, and blogs. Even /project/multiplexer is the 2nd incarnation initially run on Blogger (pre-google). Nothing has worked as a “comfortable” platform since, sigh, let’s admit the truth of it, Livejournal. The pinnacle of crappy light blogging — for a little while.

The very last setup was my light Razer gaming laptop + a markdown editor + Grammarly + cutting and pasting + fixing the post when the line feeds didn’t work because, well, Microsoft.

What I want is:

  • Hyper-portable
  • Very little friction between writing a thing and pressing “go.”
  • As much automation as I can pack in.

I hope this is the last iteration of the setup for a while. I’m down to:

  • An iPad Pro 11
  • An Apple Magic Keyboard
  • Ulysses
  • Grammarly integrated keyboard
  • WordPress w/ all the standard trimmings

I’ll still need to go in and tweak the settings before the post goes out — that’s not been 100% optimized.

I hope to start writingsomethingagain, even if it’s lame. My social media addiction is gone — even my darling Twitter — broken on the back of ennui. And I like thoughts more than 288 characters.

Let’s see if this incarnation of the workflow, well, works and is lightweight enough for me to just do.

Quick Update: It totally worked. Ulysses integration with WordPress FTW.