New Song: VALIS
Key: Bb, Genre: Trance

For 90% of this project, the song’s name was BOG for Bog Standard Trance. Although it took me a month to put this song together it is my best effort so far. I am quite fond of this one.

I learned several things on this particular project:

* Mastering the Trance arrangement template that nearly all Electronic Trance and Melodic Trance follow.
* Using some of the new features in Zebra 2.2.
* Learning the power of the low cut and the high cut to manage voices and get them to sit in their frequency spectrums.
* Controlling that compressor and holding back on the EQ unless absolutely necessary.
* Mixing groups and layering samples.

This is also the first time my drums are sampled live instruments that are heavily processed instead of synthesized instruments.

The VOX pieces are all deeply insane quotes taken from VALIS created by hand and passed lightly through the vocoder, doubling delay and short room reverb for extra weird. Philip K Dick is an endless source of awesome and it sounds extra creepy when vocoded.

I particularly like this track. Download and enjoy.