I am not doing much else in the evening at the moment, so you are all stuck reading about my adventures in yarn. Listening to techno podcasts and crochet! Oh the woe! The woe!

I’ve started a hat. It actually looks plausibly hat-like. However, it is in the old, terrible yarn which is stringy and falls apart if you look at it too hard and rough on the hands and generally nasty. So it is now a white-ish, plausibly hat-like but not fun to hold hat. I made it about halfway through the pattern last night and generally intend to finish it this evening to see exactly how far my hat-making prowess has come. Then I will take pictures of it and everyone can say, “That? That is a hat.”

All I am really good for right now are lumpy things (square), lumpy things (round) and hats. Katie has claimed anything that looks plausibly useful for dolls as hers and has made off with it all and made demands that I clothe all her dolls entirely in strange looking crochet contraptions. I made Crochethulhu, which started as a round granny square and grew horribly out of control, and she claimed it as a horrible orange hippy crocheted doll skirt that, for reasons not quite clear, had to go on the Daddy doll in her dollhouse.

I have gotten over my Death Yarn Grip problem, so there is something.

I did discover I have a 4 hour cap. After four hours, neither hand can work very well and I get real problems with my left hand. Even if my left hand is merely holding the piece and some yarn, I start getting magnificent shooting pains that never really seem to end. This is, of course, 3:55 longer than I can hold normal crochet needles or yarn needles, so it is an improvement. (And 1:55 longer than I can hold drumsticks for Rock Band or my guitars.)

Eventually I will do something more interesting with my life but for now it’s all sort of yarn-based.