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Thanks For Paying Taxes. Here’s A Receipt. : Planet Money : NPR.

I have been saying this for years.  People pay their Federal Taxes and it feels like it goes into a black hole.  Hell, me too.  One of the reasons I am going to vote to re-up all my County Executive people is that, on a quarterly basis, they send me a breakdown of the County taxes and how much is paid into what and they just put that in last few years.  I love this.  They are great communicators via twitter and email and reports — if you live in Howard County, re-elect, people, because, man.  They actually respond.

People pay these enormous Federal Tax bills.  God knows I do.  And no one knows where the money goes.  I feel furious about my money being spent on bombing brown people but I cannot tell you how much I am paying.

You can go to the PDF direct here.  Go read it.  This isn’t a liberal or a conservative issue.  It is a “Government today in 2010 with fancy computers ought to be able to generate this through an automated process, dammit.”  We can send probes to blow up people in Pakistan but we cannot send a damn receipt.

I believe this so strongly I might take this PDF and send it to all my Congresscritters and start making a serious nuisance of myself.