Egypt is melting down and it is an exceedingly big deal. The causes are complex, the people are angry, and as the Arab world’s most populous nation, it is a major strategic US and Israel ally. Not only that but somehow the entire country fell off the Online Map this morning — a fairly breathtaking technological feat.

Meanwhile protests continue also in Yemen and Jordan.

Instead of going on and on about it, here’s some useful links:

Al Jazeera’s Anger in Egypt — English Language, lots and lots and lots of clips, interviews, and analysis. Rumor has it that the Egyptian police raided the Al Jazeera offices in Cairo today…’

The Guardian has live updates.

Wired has a follow the Arab World Protests Online page.

Egypt’s Internet Shutdown Can’t Shut Down Massive Protests.

The Daily Show on the sources of unrest is spot on. Team W! Team O! Team Twitter!

Andrew Sullivan (over at the Atlantic) is doing a great job following everything going on with posts, links and clips.