Note: I am slowly converting Nephilim, an old Chaosium game, over to Dresden Files FATE. I am just flopping all the posts on my blog because I can tag and collect them all later. This stuff is in no particular order. You can buy Nephilim in PDF from DriveThruRPG for ~$17. You should also buy Dresden Files RPG.

Presented for reference: big table of Lower Sorcery spells from the original Nephilim source book that continue to work with Nephilim FATE. For full description of the following spells, please acquire the Nephilim sourcebook.*

Nephilim FATE no longer requires thresholds rolls.  The duration is a scene for all spells.  No Lower Sorcery spells cause permanent change to targets or the environment.

Complexity for these spells is low — an environment target number (PvE) or the target’s Conviction, save Pyretic Limb, which can be considered a weapon-based spell.  Spells are available to all Nephilim provided they have access to the spell’s Focus: a book, parchment, a scroll, a fortune cookie, or some other physical artifacts.  Spells that match the Nephilim’s dominant Ka receive a +1 bonus to Lore when working out complexity to cast, as the Nephilim finds a spell of matching “color” easier to understand than one of a different color.


Spell NameElementSummary
Pyretic PalmFireCreate a small flame.
Pyromantic TemperFireHeats a solid about size of a cup of water.
Choking VaporFireCreate dense smoke 10m radius.
Pyretic LimbFireTransform a limb into a torch. Can be a weapon.
Dowse Fire PlexusFireHelps locate nearest Fire Plexus.
Aerial WhispersAirMakes whispered speech audible.
Translucent VeilAirMakes transparent 1000 cm3 of an object.
Purify AirAirMakes air pure and breathable.
Dowse Air PlexusAirHelps locate nearest Air Plexus.
Babel UnboundAirAllows target to understand spoken languages
Terra MobileEarthMakes solid 1000 cm3 of any gas, fluid or plasma.
Caduceus PressEarthHeals 1 box of physical stress.
Purify MatterEarthPurifies solids of bacteria and rot.
Dowse Earth PlexusEarthHelps locate nearest Earth Plexus.
Balance the HumorsEarthCures 1 illness in a human target.
Seething AquaWaterBoils and purifies a cup of liquid.
LiquifactionWaterMakes liquid any solid size of a cup.
Mobile AquaWaterFlows 1000cm3 liquid uphill.
Pelagic SurvivalWaterAllows target to breathe in a liquid.
Dowse Water PlexusWaterHelps locate nearest Water Plexus.
Lunar CrescentMoonCreates luminous crescent in hand of caster.
Monotonic TintinitisMoonCreates continuous annoying sound about as loud as a phone ring.
Lunar VeilMoonCreates 3-dimensional, immovable illusion.
Dowse Moon PlexusMoonHelps locate nearest Moon Plexus.
SpleenMoonDazes target.

* I would have posted them all but it has to wait until I am less super tired.