Yikes!  I forgot to write anything yesterday!

I had such a horrible case of ennui.  After work, all I did was play Rune Factory 4 Special.  All I wanted to do was plant and fish with a side of monster murder.  I got trapped in the plant -> dungeon cycle.  I literally wanted to do nothing else.  Not code, not work on a project, not even watch TV.

Mmmmm delicious burrrrrnout.

We’ve been hearing some high praise for SotS.  And Kevin has been chunking out content like a machine for the game.  That’s really made everything better the last few days.  I want to take SotS and try to write some little tiny interactive story in ink. (As I’ve said before, I like Ink because it has Unity hooks.)  I probably won’t release it for Reasons but I’d like the idea of writing it. But I have to get past ennui for any projects and I have a bazillion half-finished projects lying around.  I should finish something.

I’m still having some ennui problems today.  Bleh.  I just want to go lay on the bed or sit outside and read Murderbot.

The news is all bad, as usual.  Surprising no one, coronavirus is starting its second wave.  We never finished the first wave.  We simply declared the first wave over.  We’re awful close to 120,000 people dead — 60% in nursing homes.  (That’s 72,000 seniors in nursing homes wiped out.)  We’ve decided to accelerate the timeline to 200,000 dead.

And we’re all ok with that.

The Trumpster is going ahead with his Oklahoma Rally because that empty sucking place where his soul should be requires people shouting at him in adulation.  I dunno.  I’m kind of copacetic here.  If a bunch of people who are vulnerable to COVID-19 want to invite themselves to a super spreader event, despite having to sign a release saying they know they’ll get it and they won’t sue, and knowing it may kill them, then I’m getting to a point where we as a society can only stop so many people running headlong to their Darwin Award.

Popular Mechanics has an instruction manual on how to topple a statue.  In case you find yourself standing near a statue that needs toppling.


  • 24,449,307 have been tested.
  • 2,145,963 have the crawling disease.
  • 118,199 are dead from it.  This number has slowed down but I think it’s because NYC got it under control and not because we’re free.
  • 62,675 cases in MD with 3,032 dead
  • 1 in every 136 has it in Howard County

DID YOU KNOW that if we STOP TESTING we will find FEWER SICK PEOPLE?  It’s TRUE!!!  And if we STOP TESTING ENTIRELY the virus will GO AWAY!