Note: I am slowly converting Nephilim, an old Chaosium game, over to Dresden Files FATE. I am just flopping all the posts on my blog because I can tag and collect them all later. This stuff is in no particular order. You can buy Nephilim in PDF from DriveThruRPG for ~$17. You should also buy Dresden Files RPG.

A Nephilim, as a collection of warring elements of magic, occasionally falls apart and drops into a state of temporary emotional madness, or Khaiba.  When this happens, the Nephilim goes into a state not until mania — he fights, he takes drugs, he screams, he yells, he buys shoes.  Sometimes his physical Metamorphosis runs amok and his Simulacrum exhibits all of the physical changes at once, making him obvious as non-human to the most casual observer.

Nephilim fear and loathe Khaiba.  It hangs over their heads like a knife.  It distracts from their research, it makes them targets to Secret Societies dedicated to killing them, and it ruins perfectly good suits of clothes.

Mechanically, Khaiba is a meter much like a wounds meter.  The size of the meter is 2x# Metamorphosis Aspects.  If a Nephilim has only the first, free Metamorphosis Aspect, it has a Khaiba Meter size of 2.  At maximum, if it has all five Metamorphosis, it has a Khaiba Meter size of 10.  This reflects the Nephilim possessing higher levels of control over their emotions — but, at the same time, having more opportunities to move down the track toward madness.

Every time the GM compels a Metamorphosis Aspect, the player receives a Fate Point and checks off a box on the Khaiba Meter.  When the GM compels over the end of the Khaiba Meter, the Nephilim enters Khaiba for a length “dramatically necessary,” to the end of the scene at shortest and the end of the session at maximum.  After entering Khaiba, the player resets the Khaiba Meter to start over.

For example, Bob the Djinn Nephilim has only one Metamorphosis Aspect, Destruction.  Twice the GM compels the Aspect to allow Bob’s Destructive Aspect to run amok and cause some small-scale destruction.  Each time, Bob ticks off a box on his Khaiba Meter.  The third time, the GM notices Bob is low on Fate points and offers to compel the Destructive Aspect one more time — in return for going into Khaiba.  Bob decides he wants the Fate point so he agrees and the GM compels Bob’s Destructive Aspect.  Bob goes absolutely berserk destroying the building he is in and lighting a few cars on fire outside.  He is a handful to his compatriots for the rest of the session.  Next session, Bob resets his Khaiba Meter and his character has learned another lesson about pushing Destruction too far on the way to Agartha.

When Bob gets an opportunity to buy a new Aspect, he buys the Metamorphosis Aspect Reckless.  Now his Khaiba Meter goes to four and the GM will need to compel his emotional Metamorphosis Aspects five times for Bob to reenter Khaiba.